About this site

This website was created using HTML version 5 and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The web-designer confesses to making it with Adobe Dreamweaver CS 6 rather than an open-source alternative. His excuse is that he couldn't find an open-source package that gave him the same control over design that is afforded by Adobe's 'templates' feature that enables a change in a 'master' version of a document--one containing the standardized page furniture of logos, header (including the horizontal navigation bar), and footer--to percolate throughout the site. If anyone reading this knows of an open-source package that can do this--preferrably one running under Linux so he can give up running WinXP in a virtual machine--then the web-designer would be grateful to hear about it. For the cost of a little guidance on how to do what Dreamweaver does without using Dreamweaver, the web-designer is willing to name-check the donor's own site or project here, so long as it's compatible with the aims of the Centre for Textual Studies and De Montfort University. (It doesn't have to be relevant to those aims, just not offensive to them.)