Members of the CTS

CTS's Director is Professor Gabriel Egan He is a Shakespearian, a (would-be) Digital Humanist, and a General Editor of the New Oxford Shakespeare (Oxford University Press, 2016). His most recent monographs are Shakespeare and Ecocritical Theory (Arden Shakespeare, 2015) and The Struggle for Shakespeare's Text: Twentieth Century Editorial Theory and Practice (Cambridge University Press, 2010). He is a editing The Two Gentlemen of Verona for the New Variorum Shakespeare.

Professor Tim Fulford He is co-general editor of several electronic and print editions including the works of Robert Southey and Robert Bloomfield. He has published widely in the areas of Romanticism and Eighteenth-Century literature--the relationships between literature and colonialism and literature and science being areas of special interest--and his latest monograph is The Late Poetry of the Lake Poets (Cambridge University Press, 2013).

Professor Joe Phelan He is Professor of Nineteenth-Century Literature. His most recent book is The Music of Verse: Metrical Experiment in Nineteenth-Century Poetry (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012) and with John Woolford and Daniel Karlin he co-edited The Poems of Robert Browning (Longman, 2010).

Dr Takako Kato She is a Medievalist and Digital Humanist. Her forthcoming and recent publications are: The Malory Scribes: Producing a Manuscript of the 'Morte Darthur' (Boydell and Brewer, forthcoming), Malory Project: A Digital Edition of the 'Morte Darthur'(Chicago: Loyola University, 2011), and The Production and Use of English Manuscripts 1060 to 1220 (Leicester: University of Leicester, 2010).

Prof Siobhan Keenan She is Professor of Shakespeare and Renaissance Literature and the author of Travelling Players in Shakespeare's England (2002) and Renaissance Literature (2008). She recently edited The Emperor's Favourite for the Malone Society (2010) and her most recent book is a monograph on Acting Companies in Shakespeare's London for the Arden Shakesepare (published in 2014).

Dr Deborah Mutch She is Senior Lecturer in the Department of English and her primary research focus is the British socialist periodical of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and specifically the fiction published within the periodicals. She has published English Socialist Periodicals, 1880-1900 with Ashgate (2005) along with a number of articles on socialist fiction and published a five-volume major works project, British Socialist Fiction, 1884-1914 with Pickering and Chatto in 2013.

Dr Alice Wood is a Lecturer in English Literature and works in modernist studies. She is the author of Virginia Woolf's Late Cultural Criticism (Bloomsbury, 2013), a genetic study of Woolf's late works. Her latest project explores the treatment and reception of modernism in interwar women's magazines.

Alice Woods

Dr Mike Stout is a Post-Doctoral Research Associate on the CTS's AHRC-funded computational project "Shakespeare's Early Editions". His background includes machine learning and real time analysis in bioinformatics, high performance computing and mathematical modelling using Bayesian estimation techniques. Prior to returning to academia, Mike established and headed the Electronic Journals Group at Oxford University Press and lead award-winning, flagship electronic publishing projects.

Mike Stout

Dr Paul Brown is a Lecturer in English and researches on the social networks of the theatrical world of early modern London, looking at how physical and social geography affected the collaborative writing of plays.

Paul Brown

Dr Deborah Gerrard She is Senior Research Fellow in the CTS, working on the influence of the late-Victorian mystical evolutionary socialist, Edward Carpenter, on Virginia Woolf. Her PhD was on Storm Jameson’s dialogue with modernism.

Debbie Gerrard

Dr Phil Tromans He is a Senior Research Fellow in the CTS, writing a monograph called Advertising America based on his recent PhD on 16th-century English books about New World voyages and discoveries. His expertise encompasses the 16th-century book trade and all aspects of analytical, descriptive, historical, and textual bibliography.


Dr David Hucklesby teaches English at De Montfort and wrote his PhD thesis on the relationships between emergent technologies and innovation in the print novel during two time periods: the mid-to-late 20th century (with a specific focus on B. S. Johnson and Ann Quin) and the 21st century (including Mark Z. Danielewski and Jonathan Safran Foer).

David Hucklesby

Dr Nicola Boyle is an early modern theatre historian with special interest in the playing companies of Shakespeare's time, their ecconomics, and their personnel.

Nicola Boyle

Sally King She is research student writing a PhD on adaptations of fairy tales and exploring computational approaches to the analysis of literary adaptation.

Sally King

Gerard Hodgson He is a research student writing a PhD on the biographies and autobiography of the Victorian publisher/scholar Charles Knight.

Gerard Hodgson

Maija Kuharenoka She is a research student working on Mathilde Blind's epic Victorian poem Ascent of Man.

Maija Kuharenoka

Dimitrios Foukis is a research student with a keen interest in computational intelligence, cognitive science and (recently) the application of computational methods in textual analysis. His PhD aims to build a fuzzy-based prototype model reshaping canons in terms of Shakespeareness and the more general so-called "Problem E (English)".

Dimitrios Foukakis

Eddie Burton is a research student working the philosophical problem of knowledge that are explored in Shakespeare's play Hamlet and other plays of that time.

Eddie Burton

Cassandra Hunter She is a research student working on the creation and reception of Middle English romances, with special interest in the manuscript British Library manuscript "Harley 3810/1" and related manuscripts.

Cassandra Hunter

Kyonnah Price She is an MA student working on the challenges of computer analysis of literary data, including programming in the language Python and the effects of various kinds of data visualization. Her dissertation will be on cartographic analysis of George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series. She is also employed as an XML encoder on the CTS project "Shakespeare's Early Editions".

Kyonnah Price


Affiliates of the CTS

The Centre for Textual The CTS has formal and informal links with other research centres for textual study and wishes to develop new links with any organizations involved in investigations into primary documents for literary and historical research and/or their presentation to modern readers in digital form. Our current affiliates are listed below and links to their websites are on the left:

The Institute for Textual Study and Electronic Editing (ITSEE) at the University of Birmingham under the direction of Professor David Parker. ITSEE specializes in work on manuscripts, especially of early religious texts.

The Centre for Literary and Linguistic Computing (CLLC) at the University of Newcastle in Australia under the direction of Professor Hugh Craig. CLLC specializes in computational stylistics.

The Australian Scholarly Editions Centre (ASEC) at the University of New South Wales under the direction of Professor Paul Eggert. ASEC specializes in the scholarly editing of Australian literature.

The Centre for Textual Studies and Digital Humanities (CTSDH) at Loyola University in Chicago under the co-direction of Professors Steven E. Jones and George K. Thiruvathukal. CTSDH undertakes textual/pictorial digitization projects but also has an inter-disciplinary wing working on the hardware/software interface and its effect on creative activity.