What? Topic: Extracting Knowledge from Big Texts

If you are interested in what we can do with computers to extract knowledge from big digital texts, then this event will interest you. How big do we mean? How about all the 19th-century novels? Or all the speeches in the UK Parliament since the Second World War? Or all the printed books published in England between the arrival of printing in 1475 and the year 1800? Or all the 18th-century newspaper reviews of London theatrical performances? Or all the 11,500,000 leaked Panama Papers (= the Mossack Fonseca files)? If there is a big dataset of text to be investigated, this event can show you how to extract knowledge from it. The 'challenges' that the Hackathon tackles will be suggested by the participants before the event starts. More details about how this will happen will appear here as the planning for the event progresses.

When? 48 hours non-stop from 8.30am on Friday 10 November to 8.30am on Sunday 12 November 2017

Participants may come and go as they please throughout the 48 hours. The event is free but all participants must register in advance. Free, high-quality food will be provided for all participants throughout the Hackathon.

Where? Somewhere on the De Montfort University campus, Leicester, England

The precise location on campus is still to be decided.

Who? All interested parties

The event is being hosted by De Montfort University's Centre for Textual Studies as part of the AHRC-funded Research Leadership of its Director Prof Gabriel Egan. Anybody with an interest in this topic, including school groups, may apply to participate. More information about the event can be had by emailing the organizers using the link on the left.